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Greater flexibility to customize tab books

Jul 31, 2020

You can now choose a variety of advanced calculations to include in tab books (exported multitables) and other options to customize the exported tables. Table cells can now contain estimates of standard deviation and standard error, and column summaries can include the median of numeric values as well as the standard deviation for the column and standard error of the mean. Pairwise column significance tests can be conducted at the standard 0....

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Crunch's updated Member panels make it easy to see who has access to a dataset or folder

Oct 1, 2019

Click the dataset or folder name and select Members in the dropdown.

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Adding rich-text tiles to dashboards

Sep 13, 2019

Dataset editors can add rich-text tiles to a dashboard to display information such as terms and conditions, fieldwork dates, privacy notices, commentary and analysis, or any other content.

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Filtering dashboards

Jul 16, 2019

Dataset editors can now specify variables that can be used to filter all analyses in the dashboard at once – let your users customize their view data by gender, age, brand, and more with a single click.

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Click to set the comparison column for hypothesis tests

Jul 3, 2019

Tables are shaded to show which other columns are higher or lower than the reference column for each row.

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Customizable dashboards

May 16, 2019

Crunch dashboards have just had a major upgrade, available now for all dataset editors. Check out all the great customizations you can now make.

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New hypothesis testing features in Crunch

May 5, 2019

Crunch tab book exports now include a new hypothesis testing option that computes all possible comparisons between columns of a two-way table.

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Quick Multitable Export

Apr 18, 2019

Export only what you see to XLSX or use saved settings to include more.

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Improved Organization of Datasets

Mar 6, 2019

We've moved to a folder-based, nested organization for datasets in order to make it easier to navigate and manage permissions on datasets.

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PowerPoint Deck Exports

Sep 25, 2018

Download your Crunch deck as a PowerPoint presentation complete with embedded graphs

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