Jul 6, 2022

Navigate, locate, and organize datasets more easily

We’re excited to share the latest update to dataset folders — a new sidebar on the left side of the “all datasets” page makes sharing and organizing datasets easier.

We’re excited to share the newest update to dataset folder navigation. We’ve added a tree view of the folders shared with you to the left side of the “all datasets” page, so you can browse and move more easily between subfolders.

Editors and administrators can use the sidebar to organize folders and subfolders by dragging and dropping. Viewers can see the organization of any folder trees shared with them and navigate between different folders and subfolders they have access to.

Benefits of Using Project Folders:

  • Transparency. Administrators have complete visibility into who has access to which data. Everyone in a folder can see all the contents, on down through subfolders. To restrict access, you can create subfolders where only certain users and data reside.
  • Scaling. Folders position your organization to grow in a manageable way.
  • Organization. A strong system for organizing data and dashboards in a predictable place will facilitate discovery by others on your team.
  • Curated delivery. Folder homepages let you give clients a custom landing page and give them a running start to dive into data.
  • Ease. For ongoing projects, new datasets will no longer require explicit sharing — the new datasets added to the folder are accessible to everyone with access.
  • Future enhancements. In future releases, dashboards, filters, variables, and other artifacts will be sharable at the folder level, taking collaboration to the next level.

For full details of this new feature and where to find it, see the help center.

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