Jun 26, 2023

Fix categories to the bottom of lists when sorting

Now you can ensure that your “Don’t know”, “None of these” etc. answers stay fixed to the end of tables and graphs when sorting.

We understand that when creating analyses for export or dashboards, certain answer categories carry different significance. “Don’t know”, “Other” and “None of these” are three such examples that often require special handling. With Crunch’s latest feature, you can now effortlessly fix these categories, or any others of your choosing, to the end of your lists when sorting, ensuring that they are sensibly placed at the end and not merged in amongst your brand lists, attitude statements, etc. making it more intuitive and efficient for your users to glean insights from your data.

As an added bonus feature, you’ll now find that the sort options have two new choices - sorting alphabetically ascending and alphabetically descending - and the choices are now offered in an easy-to-use dropdown menu.

Here’s how the Category Anchoring feature works:

  1. Sort your analysis, either by clicking on a column header of a table in Tables & Graphs mode or by choosing a sort option from the Edit > Categories panel for a saved analysis (deck or dashboard). Sorting after an analysis has been saved is currently only available for univariate analyses. Likewise, anchoring categories is currently only available for univariate analyses.

  2. Save your analysis to a deck or dashboard, if it isn’t already.

  3. In the Edit > Categories panel for that saved analysis, you’ll find a new “Fixed to bottom” area at the bottom of the categories list. Simply drag any category you want to fix and as you do so, you’ll find that a “Fix to bottom” drop-zone appears. Drop the category into this drop-zone and it is now going to remain at the bottom of the list, independently of any sorting.

  4. Repeat step 3 for any additional categories you would like to fix to the bottom. Note that you are able to position additional categories above or below existing ones, allowing you to specify “Other” as a penultimate category and “None of these” as a final category, for example.

  5. If you change your mind about wanting to fix any categories, simply drag them back into the main category list.

For full details of this new feature and where to find it, see the help center.

We’d love your feedback at support@crunch.io.