Modern survey data analysis.

Power made simple.

Prepare and analyze survey data quickly and easily.
Everyone, from CMO to PhD, works together on the same data.
Your data is always available, in the cloud, drag and drop.

“Things that took me days, now take minutes.”

Survey data analytics for everyone.

“With Crunch, data streams in. I do daily surveys, now.”

Data streaming

Real-time surveys

Shorter, more frequent surveys are the future.

“Did yesterday’s ad increase awareness?”

Speed up your data preparation:

  • Combine categories
  • Organize and relabel variables
  • Estimate weights

Then, stream data into Crunch, every 30 minutes.

“I can track awareness across survey waves with one click.”

No more emailing Data_final_v3_FINAL.sav

Sharing Crunch

Everyone analyzes.

  • Crunch ends the version control nightmare.
  • Work off the same live data as everyone else, simultaneously.
  • Empower customers and clients to answer their own questions.
  • You control who sees what.