Aug 9, 2023

Updated dataset menu and dataset properties

We’ve updated the design of dataset properties and made many dataset actions available directly from the dataset menu.

Now dataset editors can access most dataset actions directly from the dataset menu. Additionally, we’ve redesigned our dataset properties page.

New dataset menu

When you click the dataset name from within a dataset, you may notice some changes to the dropdown menu:

Many of the actions that used to be accessed through Dataset properties can now be performed directly from this menu. Specifically Export dataset, Append, Join, Organize variables, Exclude cases, and (under Advanced), Create draft and View dataset history. The interface for these actions has largely remained unchanged - only the way you select them has changed.

Updated dataset properties panel for editors

The other change we’ve made is to make the dataset properties panel nicer looking and more expandable.

The properties are largely unchanged, but they are now in a panel with two expandable sections. The General tab contains the options that were already in the dataset properties page, while View permissions contain options that were previously in the Permissions tab of the legacy dataset properties page.

These changes bring dataset properties more in-line with other parts of the application and should make working with the dataset easier for editors.

Viewers will see a read-only version of properties similar to the legacy About this dataset panel.

For full details of this new feature and where to find it, see the help center.

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