Dec 11, 2023

Introducing KPI Comparisons: Gain Deeper Insights from Your Dashboards

Compare KPI Values to Prior Periods Automatically.

We’re excited to announce a new feature that will help you gain more value from your KPI dashboard tiles - KPI comparisons.

With KPI comparisons, you can now display the difference between your current KPI value and a different value of interest from the same table. This could be vs. the previous wave, the last year, a key competitor - whichever comparison provides the most meaningful context.

For example, your brand awareness may be 73%, which seems okay on its own. But when you see it’s increased 5% vs. last wave, you realize it’s great news.

This simple comparison gives your KPIs much-needed context, transforming them from just a number into an actionable metric.

Effortless Set-Up

Adding a KPI comparison is easy and takes just a few clicks in the dashboard tile edit mode:

  1. Select your KPI value cell
  2. Toggle on “Comparison” in the new Options tab
  3. Pick your comparison cell - it can be the previous wave, a particular historical wave, a competitor row, or some other cell of interest. Choose whether you want the comparison to be a fixed reference or a dynamic one that is relative to the KPI value (e.g. prior wave)

[Optional] Update the “Subtitle” field to describe your comparison. Labels like “vs previous wave” work well because they don’t need updating each wave.

That’s it! The comparison value will then show below your KPI, automatically calculating the difference.

As new waves are added, the comparison updates intelligently based on your selection - no manual editing needed.

Dynamic KPI Values

For trackers, now specify your KPI value as “Most recent” rather than a fixed cell. As new waves are added, the value automatically updates.

No more manually editing KPIs each wave!

Try It Out Today

KPI comparisons are available now for users on all Crunch scriptable dashboards (though not yet on decks). To start enhancing your KPIs, head to the Options tab in dashboard edit tile screen.

For full details of this new feature and where to find it, see the help center.

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