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Over 1,000 distinct companies and 30,000 registered users use to analyze their survey data.

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Subsecond response times for one of the world’s largest research networks

Industry Market research
About Internet-based research data and analytics group
Region Global

YouGov, whose current brand slogan is “the best panel - the best data - the best tools”, has one of the world’s largest research networks with a proprietary panel of over 8 million individuals in 44 markets. Researchers at YouGov use to perform analysis and deliver data and insights to clients via the web application, CrunchBoxes, and dashboards.

YouGov uses enterprise-wide for both custom research and Data Products, such as YouGov Profiles, which provides syndicated segmentation and product data for agencies and brands. Over 14,000 YouGov Profiles users enjoy sub-second query response times, building on-the-fly crosstabs on a survey database, containing over 192,000 rows (respondents) and 48,000 columns (variables). YouGov Data Products, including Profiles, grew 32% in 2019.

YouGov will continue to use to process data quickly and efficiently and give its growing customer base the power to explore the data easily and find insights on their own.

Integrating platforms leads to fast turnaround of research data and insights

Industry Market research
About Data and Insights provider
Region Global

Prodege is a leading provider of data and insights fueled by their global proprietary panel of 120 million members in over 125 countries. They leverage their innovative Prodege On-Demand platform (POD) to create and launch surveys for over 1,000 clients worldwide and chose to integrate within the POD platform so that their clients have access to data in exportable charts as well as online dashboards.

Prodege specializes in delivering fast, whether clients leverage Prodege’s managed services team of research experts or utilize their DIY version of POD. Integrating with Crunch enables Prodege to quickly provide data analysis and visualization to clients immediately after data collection is complete.

Data is automatically uploaded from POD to using the Crunch API. Then Prodege’s team or their DIY client-users may quickly create crosstabs and visualizations with an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop approach. Prodege also builds custom dashboards for each client utilizing each client’s branding by applying custom color palettes.

Through integrating and by utilizing scripts to automate workflows, the Prodege team is able to provide clients a unified experience with a consistent look-and-feel, enable drag-and-drop analysis, and deliver interactive dashboards.

Partnering with Crunch has helped Prodege deliver an all-in-one solution to our clients which helps them navigate the research process from data collection to visualization more quickly and efficiently than ever before.

Mark Scheckner

Senior Manager Data Analytics & Visualization,

45 Years of datasets appended for simple and intuitive analysis of historical data

Industry Think Tank
About Global affairs independent, nonpartisan organization
Region Global

The Chicago Council on Global Affairs is an independent, nonpartisan organization that provides insight into global issues and policy.

The Chicago Council Survey team, part of the Lester Crown Center on US Foreign Policy, uses to analyze data from its annual survey on American public opinion and US foreign policy.

They have appended over 45 years of public opinion datasets into one dataset, previously only available in separate files, to enable simple and intuitive analysis of historical data. has cut our data processing time down immensely.

Longitudinal data analysis that used to take us hours now only takes us a matter of minutes, and can be done on any computer anywhere.

This allows us to spend more of our time analyzing and writing up the results rather than looking at individual data sets. That's gold for our survey research team.

Dina Smeltz

Senior Fellow, Public Opinion and Foreign Policy,
The Chicago Council on Global Affairs