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Top US universities analyzes 50-State COVID-19 survey in

A collaboration between professors from three universities set out to deliver a series of reports entitled, “The State of the Nation: A 50-State COVID-19 Survey”. Survey data was collected from over 20,000 individuals, who responded to questions about reopening, mitigation, health guidelines, and more, with the survey running every two weeks.

The Director of Polling at one of the universities involved with the project reached out to for an easy-to-use survey tool that could integrate data from multiple sources, including national and state databases. With’s intuitive, simple interface, the team quickly learned how to navigate the platform and run analysis, create crosstabs and visualizations, export analyzes to editable PowerPoint objects, and provide key insights for the informative reports. The analysis has been shared with, and available from, multiple media outlets, including Business Insider, Washington Post, and USA Today.

Industry University
About A widely-regarded universities in the United States
Region United States
Case One online source of truth for multiple survey data sources, large scale tracker, PowerPoint exports and reports

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