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Acquisition FAQs

1. Why was KnowledgeHound acquired by

This acquisition aims to combine KnowledgeHound’s approachable, intuitive, search-based survey data management capabilities with’s powerful data analysis capabilities. The goal is to provide customers with a more comprehensive and integrated platform for data analysis and insight generation.

2. When did the acquisition take place?

KnowledgeHound became a part of Crunch, a YouGov company, in January 2024.

3. Will there be any immediate changes to my KnowledgeHound services?

In the short term, you will continue to use the KnowledgeHound platform and access the KnowledgeHound team as you always have. Any changes to services or platforms will be communicated well in advance.

4. How will the acquisition affect my current subscription plan and pricing?

Your current subscription and pricing will remain unchanged for the immediate future. We are committed to providing advance notice of any changes to subscription plans or pricing structures.

5. How will my data be affected by the transition?

Your data will remain secure and confidential throughout the transition process. KnowledgeHound continues to take data security and privacy seriously and maintains SOC2 Type 2 Certification. Both KnowledgeHound and adhere to strict data protection and privacy policies.

6. Will I need to migrate my data to a new platform?

We aim to make the transition as seamless as possible. If and when any data migration is necessary, we will provide ample advanced notice as well as full support to align with all necessary departments before migrating any data.

7. Who should I contact for KnowledgeHound support during the transition period?

You should continue to contact KnowledgeHound’s support team for any immediate needs. We will inform you of any changes to support contacts or processes as they occur.

8. Will the integration of the platforms affect my access to customer service or technical support?

Our commitment to providing exceptional customer service and technical support remains unchanged. We anticipate that the integration will ultimately enhance the support we can offer to our customers.

9. What new features or capabilities can we expect from the combined platform?

For existing KnowledgeHound customers, we are excited about bringing you new features, including advanced data analysis capabilities, more robust data visualization options, vector-based semantic search, a new user experience and interface, and more. As new features are developed, we will make detailed announcements.

Additionally, we intend to share designs and developments with customers who want to give feedback and perspective. Working collaboratively with our customers remains core to how we deliver innovation to the market.

10. How will’s expertise in data analysis enhance KnowledgeHound’s offerings? brings advanced analytical capabilities and scalability to the platform, enhancing KnowledgeHound’s search-based survey data management tools. This combination will enable deeper insights and more efficient data handling for our customers.

11. Will there be any changes to how I manage my KnowledgeHound account or billing information?

For now, you can manage your account as you currently do, with Crunch now being the entity for billing. New Bank account information for ACH payments and invoice address changes are available via your KnowledgeHound team and/or will be provided upon contract renewals.

12. Will there be training available to help users adapt to any new features or changes?

Yes, we will provide comprehensive training and resources to ensure that all users are comfortable and proficient with any new features or changes that are introduced.

13. Where can I get updates about the acquisition and future plans?

We will communicate updates through various channels, including email, our website, and directly within the KnowledgeHound platform. We encourage you to follow us on LinkedIn for the latest news and updates.