Release Notes

Release 2023.10

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August 28, 2023

Crunch web application

  • Updated the design of the Dataset Properties menu — it now includes many dataset actions that are available directly from the dataset menu. See the announcement for more information.

Fixed the following:

  • Opening the rich-text editor to create a new rich-text tile would sometimes display an image from a previous rich-text tile editing session.
  • A variable could not be dragged directly from the sidebar onto an existing variable within the filter builder in order to create a parentheses group.
  • For pairwise-comparison hypothesis testing, an incorrect cell shading was sometimes applied in crosstabs with a numeric array in the row dimension and hidden empty rows/columns.
  • The selection of group filters for a dashboard was not working correctly when working with variable summary-card tiles.
  • Deck exports for sum and percentage share of sum-numeric array analyses were not working correctly.
  • After switching a dataset from weighted to unweighted, tables with a base column would sometimes still render weighted values in that column.

Crunch Automation

  • REVOKE folder command — added the ability to remove access to all datasets and projects inside the given path.

Help desk and website improvements