Release Notes

Release 2023.09

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July 31, 2023

Crunch web application

  • Fixed the following:
    • It’s now possible to save to the dashboard tray when a table has a numeric array in the row position, a multiple response variable in the column position, and a column has been selected for pairwise-comparison hypothesis testing.
    • An AND condition can now be changed to OR in the filter builder.
    • Issues that occurred when applying or removing a filter in ‘dataset view’ have been fixed.
    • Dataset views now open when clicked from the folder browser..
  • Correction to the Release Notes 2023.08, where it says ‘Removed the ability to directly share datasets that are created in personal folders’ — this should instead read as “Stopped creating dataset shares for datasets created in personal folders.”

Crunch Automation

  • Fixed system scripts commands so that it’s now possible to refer to datasets when they share the same name within the same folder. The command refers to the dataset’s ID, using the DATASET_ID() function.
  • An issue occurred where duplicated categories were created when using the CREATE CATEORICAL CASE command, which has now been fixed.
  • Added a DISAMBIGUATE modifier to the MOVE DATASET and MOVE FOLDERS commands, which allows you to rename moved objects in the destination folder to prevent naming conflicts.
  • Enhanced the SET MISSING command so that it can now work on Multiple Response variables.