Release Notes

Release 2021.14

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April 23, 2021

Crunch web application

  • Released the time plot feature to wide access, so that ‘time periods’ with no data at the beginning or end of a time range are now omitted from the horizontal axis — this is now dynamic as you add or remove categories. See the announcement and help documentation for more information.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented datasets that are shared with users from appearing in search results.
  • Improved how N values display on a time plot after selecting a categorical date entry on a group filter (in early access).
  • Fixed an issue where hypothesis testing colors were displayed incorrectly after showing/hiding rows in edit mode.

Crunch Automation

  • Added ALTER ARRAY ADD EMPTY SUBVARIABLE command, which allows you to modify a non-derived array by adding new empty subvariables. See documentation for more information.
  • Updated the CREATE MULTIPLE DICHOTOMY FROM CONDITIONS command with improved instructions and use cases. It’s now possible to use a single expression to define the base either by indicating the VALID or MISSING rows.

Help desk and website improvements

  • Added more functions that can be used with Crunch Automation scripts (KEEP_AFTER, KEEP_BEFORE, and KEEP_BETWEEN). See documentation for more information.