Release Notes

Release 2024.02

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March 5, 2024

Crunch web application

  • Added the ability to specify minimum and maximum widths for dashboards (in wide access), enabling a more consistent and visually appealing experience across various screen sizes. See the announcement and help article for more information.
  • Improved the rendering of stacked bar and donut visualizations, which now use a new and improved method (using D3). Users may notice small changes to the layout.
  • Added “Extend row labels” (default off) to the Properties tab, which makes a table use all the available horizontal space to better accommodate long labels.

Crunch Automation


  • Updated the error messaging when using the copy-from operation: if it fails to copy artifacts from one dataset to another, it now properly marks it and provides a reason why it failed.

Help desk and website improvements

  • Updated the help article that describes the various permissions that Editors and Viewers have on a given dataset.
  • Added new and updated examples within the help article that describes how to recode case-level values to be valid or missing.