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Release 2024.01

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January 29, 2024

Crunch web application

  • Made the following updates:
    • Test statistics for pairwise hypothesis tests (‘set comparison’ or lettered indicators in exports) of weighted tables now account for the design effect of weights. This makes the tests more conservative by considering the effective sample size instead of the unadjusted unweighted N.
    • When a dataset editor creates a new dashboard via the dataset Automation option, the editor’s current container in the tray is now updated to that dashboard.
  • Fixed the following:
    • Deck exports with quotes in the file names are now sanitized instead of failing.
    • When applying a dashboard group filter, a bivariate bar graph tile with a numeric array in the row position would fail to load if both of the following conditions were true: the tile was configured to show empty columns and applying the filter had yielded one or more empty columns.

Crunch Automation

Help desk and website improvements