Release Notes

Release 2022.17

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December 12, 2022

Crunch web application

  • Fixed the following:
    • Materialization of formulas works properly now when a dataset exclusion filter is applied.
    • Users were sometimes not able to export a multitable that contains a formula weight, which has now been fixed.
    • Passing a variable through a function signature was triggering a type conversion when using the CSV importer, which has been fixed.
    • A bug occurred that prevented users from editing personal variables, which has also been fixed.

SDKs (rCrunch, pyCrunch, and sCrunch)

  • Augmented the rCrunch package so that it now sends a content-type header when using runCrunchAutomation to avoid errors when assuming or guessing text or a JSON script.

Crunch Automation

Developer documentation

  • Replaced the deselectfunction with frame_subset.

Help desk and website improvements