Release Notes

Release 2022.13

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September 12, 2022

Crunch web application

  • Fixed an issue that occurred when CrunchBoxes did not display weighted values when applicable.

Crunch integrations

  • Made numerous Confirmit-integration fixes, including:
    • Improved how categories are handled.
    • Fixed HTML image-tag spacing issues.
    • Fixed how subvariables and variables are imported, as well as ensuring that multiple/duplicate subvariable aliases are handled correctly.
    • Corrected category IDs so that they are instead treated as integers (and not strings).
    • Made additional looping and parsing fixes to further optimize Confirmit integrations.

Crunch Automation

  • Updated the CONVERT NUMERIC TO CATEGORICAL command so that it now creates the output categories in a specified order.
  • Implemented speed and performance improvements across all Crunch Automation commands when working with large datasets (with a lot of variables) as well as when viewing the the list of scripts on datasets that have multiple large scripts.

Help desk and website improvements