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Release 2022.12

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August 8, 2022

Crunch web application

  • Fixed the following issues:
    • Slides were sometimes not appearing properly within a deck.
    • Some columns within a multitable were no longer visible after decreasing the browser page magnification.
    • Double-clicking on a tile in dashboard view did not switch to ‘tables & graphs’ view.
    • Changes made to the sorting order of a univariate analysis in the Edit > Categories panel were not able to be saved.

Crunch integrations

  • Made the following Confirmit-integration fixes:
    • Responses now load properly when the capitalization doesn’t match the metadata.
    • Made improvements to the overall progress indicator while pulling data from Confirmit.
    • Fixed a bug where Confirmit data expects a category not defined in the metadata by adding it instead at the response-parsing time.
    • Fixed a bug that occurred when a Confirmit integration created a categorical array of text variables that should not be nested in a categorical array.
  • Made the following Decipher-integration fixes:
    • Improved the handling of very large imports, which also provides a better overall progress indicator while pulling data from Decipher.
    • Improved the handling of dates in situations where Decipher provides an ambiguous date format.

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