Release Notes

Release 2022.11

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July 19, 2022

Crunch web application

  • Made the following improvements to tab book exports:
    • Fixed the error messaging that appears when something fails during the export of a tab book.
    • The values list within an exported tab book is now returned in the specified order for variables and subvariables. A bug previously prevented the order to output properly, which has been fixed.
  • Improved Confirmit integrations by enabling surveys that have image-based fields.
  • Enabled numeric means so that they can be:
    • Rendered as a bar graph.
    • Exported to PowerPoint as a bar graph.
  • Fixed the following:
    • The total population figure is now being pulled from the source view used for the copy_from function instead of the underlying dataset.
    • An error that prevented viewers from browsing outside of a folder that had a folder homepage has been fixed.
    • Edit functionality is now working for Profiles slides.

Crunch Automation

  • Added the REORDER FOLDER command, which lets you change the order of the variables and subfolders inside a particular variable folder.

Help desk and website improvements

  • Updated the Definitive Guide to importing and preparing Data with new information about various tools and resources.
  • Added new information about: