Release Notes

Release 2022.07

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April 11, 2022

Crunch web application

  • Folder Homepages is now available in wide release.
  • Made the following PowerPoint export improvements:
    • Removed the “All” title from exports of univariate bar graphs.
    • Exports for a tabbed graph analysis now reflect the tab’s name corresponding to the data on the slide.
  • Fixed the following issues:
    • The search query was not working properly when a query contained an ampersand (&) character.
    • Graph categories were rendered with incorrect colors if certain categories were suppressed.
    • For numeric array timeplot analyses, the vertical axis would adjust incorrectly if there were negative values to plot.
    • The color assignment was sometimes assigned incorrectly for CrunchBoxes.

Crunch Automation

  • Fixed an issue in the RECODE command where duplicate category IDs are created under certain conditions.