Release Notes

Release 2021.33

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September 7, 2021

Crunch web application

  • Updated the Crunch UI so that deck slides and dashboard tiles are correctly weighted with the updated variable when a weight variable is deleted and re-created with the same alias.
  • Improved Qualtrics integrations, which now support embedded data.
  • Updated how ‘Unweighted N / All’ column values appear so that they now correctly display in multitable view when the row variable is a categorical array.
  • Added the ability to allow a dataset editor to reorder the slides of a deck that are owned by another user.
  • Fixed an issue in which an exported tab book yields an incorrectly arranged output if the multitable includes hidden elements.
  • Improved support for hypothesis-testing shading when empty rows/columns are not displayed and a column is selected for comparison.
  • Enhanced filter usage by allowing direct exports of dataset row-level data in situations that involve “at least N of” expressions.

Help desk and website improvements