Release Notes

Release 2021.27

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July 26, 2021

Crunch web application

  • Added functionality to prepend ‘Loop Names’ to loop variables, which makes them work better in the UI and prevents clashes between variables.
  • Fixed a bug in the Confirmit importer, which caused the variable name to be the same as the alias.
  • Fixed a bug that caused integrated datasets to not have a working update dropdown.
  • Made the following fixes and improvements:
    • Negative differences now display properly if the checkbox ‘Empty rows/columns’ in the display controller is deselected.
    • Displayed categories now correctly match the selected list of categories in dashboard time plots.
    • Pairwise comparisons now appear correctly for an analysis that has a multiple response variable in the column position (in cases where the multiple response variable included at least one subtotal).
    • The UI now works properly when ‘Missing’ categories are positioned anywhere outside of the bottom of the category list.
    • The anchoring of subtotals at the bottom of the list of categories now correctly renders the relevant variable summary card.
    • Tooltips above table cells now display the correct information.
    • The properties panel for a categorical array now displays correct information when one or more subtotals or differences were defined on the categories.
    • The ‘Set comparison’ hypothesis testing option is now available in cases where subvariables are in the column position.

Help desk and website improvements