Release Notes

Release 2021.13

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April 16, 2021

Crunch web application

  • Fixed a bug on the Decipher importer to instead show a full list when importing.
  • Fixed a bug so that dashboards appear properly when switching tabs.
  • Fixed a bug so that dropdown menus for individual dashboard tiles work properly.
  • Improved PowerPoint graph exports to correctly show expected colors for negative values.
  • Enhanced how standard deviations appear in tab book exports so that they correctly show the row variable as a numeric measure.
  • Improved how time plots reposition in the far-right location when the horizontal axis range changes (in early access).
  • Fixed a bug that causes new connections to Qualtrics to fail.
  • Improved how the time marker for a time plot appears when it moves to the left of its docked position — it now retains that position when also selecting a filter, applying a weight, or enabling/disabling confidence bands (in early access).
  • Improved horizontal and vertical bar graphs so that negative values now display.
  • Fixed dashboard URLs that specify filters to work properly when another filter is added.

Help desk and website improvements