Release Notes

Release 2021.11

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April 2, 2021

Crunch web application

  • Updated how descriptions are handled, which now allows them to extend to the entire width beneath a graph as needed.
  • Changed the default to ‘aspect ratio’ when rendering time plots in “Tables and graphs” mode (in early access).
  • Improved search results by including:
    • whether or not a dataset is a view, and
    • for variable results, the type is now included.
  • Fixed a bug so that now weighted numeric-array analyses are successful.
  • Improved how stacked vertical bar graphs appear by allocating additional space for vertical axis labels so that they fully display.
  • Improved the time plot feature so that ‘time periods’ with no data at the beginning or end of a time range are now omitted from the horizontal axis — this is now dynamic as you add or remove categories (in early access).

Crunch Automation

  • Added the new argument dryrun to the Crunch Automation script endpoint, which prevents the script from executing and only performs validations.
  • Added the new argument ELSE INTO NULL to the CREATE CONVERT command, which allows you to indicate that any extra value should go to the No Data category. See the documentation for an example.

Help desk and website improvements