Release Notes

Release 2021.9

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March 19, 2021

Crunch web application

  • Reorganized the options on the Export settings panels for both slide exports and tab book exports for improved usability. Please refer to the help page for more information.
  • Added a legend entry when exporting a single-measure numeric value to reflect what measure is being exported.
  • Fixed the horizontal axis for time plots so that they no longer show empty time periods that might be present at either the beginning or the end of the categorical dates (in early access).
  • Improved aspect ratio handling for time plots depicted in Tables and Graphs mode (in early access).
  • Added responsiveness to changes in the decimal places setting for graphs in which the column variable is a numeric value.

SDKs (rCrunch, pyCrunch, and sCrunch)

  • Enabled sCrunch datasets to run Crunch Automation commands, via dataset.scripts.execute(<script body>).

Crunch Automation

  • Added EACH MISSING functionality to the OVERWRITE VALUES command. See documentation for more information.
  • Updated the docs to include using an optional , (comma) between statements for both the CREATE CATEGORICAL CASE and CREATE NUMERIC CASE commands.
  • Updated the RENAME command with improved syntax and examples (logical expressions in Crunch automation now support both < and > with datetime strings.
  • Added STARTSWITH() and ENDSWITH() functionality. See the documentation for more information.

Developer documentation

  • Added a new function on automation expressions (add_valid), which returns a numeric column with the sum of the input numeric variables; returns no data when all the columns are missing. See the documentation for more information.

Help desk and website improvements