Release Notes

Release 2021.5

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February 19, 2021

Crunch web application

  • Added text input that allows you to write custom messages that are used when inviting users from the Members panel.
  • Fixed an issue where stats don’t show up when using a filter builder on datasets where you do not have editing permissions.
  • Made multiple response x 2 (MR x MR) analyses display correct N base value on graphs.
  • Fixed a bug that occurred when inviting editors.
  • Simplified options for dataset sharing. See the announcement for more details.

SDKs (rCrunch, pyCrunch, and sCrunch)

  • Added the ability to set filters and weights when creating slides in rCrunch.

Crunch Automation

New commands

  • Added REPLACE CATEGORICAL ARRAY CASE, which allows you to replace values in an array in place without creating a new variable. See the documentation for more information.
  • Added CREATE MULTIPLE DICHOTOMY FROM CONDITIONS, which allows you to create a new multiple response variable indicating the logic of each column without having to create intermediate logical variables. See the documentation for more information.


  • Updated the CREATE MULTIPLE DICHOTOMY WITH RECODE command, which now allows multiple categories on the SELECTED option. See the documentation for more information.
  • Updated the CREATE MULTIPLE SELECTION command, which now allows you to specify aliases of the subvariables to be created. If not included, they will default to the alias of the new array suffixed with a positional number. See the documentation for more information.

Help desk improvements

  • Updated the quick start guide to better help new visitors find they’re starting point in Crunch.
  • Created new article for dataset sharing for Dataset Editors.