Release Notes

Release 2021.3

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February 5, 2021

Crunch Web Application

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed broken pagination buttons on bar plots
  • Fixed a bug that caused analysis titles and descriptions to display twice in dashboards view and edit tile panel.
  • Made additional improvements to the categorical array builder, including the loading of saved expressions which include parentheses.

Other changes:

  • Re-labeled column headers in Edit Categories panel.
  • Hid “viztype” selector for numeric array analyses.

API Endpoints and API Reference

  • Improved search performance for folder-sorted search results. More speedups are on the way!
  • Updated the way datasets that are associated with an integration to allow for new categories, subvariables, and changes to the order of categories and subvariables.

SDKs (rCrunch, pyCrunch, and sCrunch)

  • Added capability for sCrunch to back-fill data values via CSV file.


  • Added Feature Announcements section, which is linked to from the search menu.
  • Added the ability for end-users to subscribe to automatically receive feature announcements via email.

Crunch Automation

  • Added new straightline function in automation for use in logical expressions.

Product Documentation