Crunch Speaks R

Crunch Speaks R

At Crunch, we understand that no graphical interface is going to be able to accomplish every single task that faces an analyst. For instance if you need to fit a statistical model, perform text analysis, or send data to a downstream process an open source tool like R is probably the most convenient option. This is why we’ve designed Crunch around an accessible API and built several R clients for accessing and manipulating data stored in Crunch. These tools allow you to combine the power and dynamism of the R ecosystem with the user-friendliness of the Crunch graphical interface.

To learn more about working with Crunch from R, check out our packages:

  • crunch: Our core package for interacting with the Crunch cloud service.

  • crplyr: A dplyr interface for the Crunch backend, allowing for easy data analysis

  • crunchy: For building Shiny apps on Crunch

  • crunchgeo: For working with geospatial data in Crunch