Export dashboards or the tabs you want, with the new selective tab exports feature

For dashboards with tabs, now you can select which tab(s) you want to export, rather than the whole dashboard, enabling you to get the output you need more quickly. Choose between All, Current Tab, or make a Custom selection.

Sep 22, 2020

Exporting from dashboards just got more flexible. Instead of always having to export the whole dashboard, users are now able to choose between exporting the whole dashboard (still the default), exporting the currently viewed tab, or choosing a custom selection of one or more tabs to export.

The new, simplified “Export…” option opens the new Export panel which gives the choice of PowerPoint or Excel formats, but for dashboards with tabs, it also now contains a “Tabs” control.

The choices are:

  1. The default which is to export all tabs (i.e. the whole dashboard)
  2. To export just the currently viewed tab
  3. To make a custom selection of which tab(s) you want to export

For dashboards without tabs or for exports triggered from the deck view, these Tabs options won’t appear and the export will always contain the whole dashboard or deck.

For full details, see the help center.

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