Apr 30, 2024

Quickly grab a copy of the current visualization or tile

Find yourself wanting to quickly export the current dashboard tile or on-screen visualization to paste into emails or presentations? Now you can export it as an image copied to your clipboard or for download in just two clicks.

We’re happy to announce a great new feature in response to user feedback which will save you time when you just want a quick copy of the table, graph or dashboard tile on-screen, ready to insert into an email to a colleague or a presentation slide.

How it works

The existing export options for fully editable Excel tables and PowerPoint slides remain available, but now you have new options within dashboards, Variable Summaries mode and Tables & Graphs mode. Each enables you to quickly generate a PNG image of the current tile, table or visualization and then choose whether to download it to your computer or copy it to your clipboard ready to paste elsewhere. Here’s how each one appears…

Tables & Graphs mode

You’ll find a new “Grab as image” option in the top right corner, next to the “Save” option…

Variable Summaries mode

Hovering over a ‘card’ will reveal a 3-dots icon in the top right corner. Clicking this will open a new menu…

… which contains the “Grab this image…” option. This menu also replaces the existing “Save” and “Properties” options which used to float beneath the cards upon hover. The “Convert to” flyout menu replaces the old ‘cog’ icon that used to appear for dataset Editors in the top-right corner of the cards. The “Analyze…” option opens this variable in Tables & Graphs mode (the same as double-clicking on the card).


Hovering over a dashboard tile will reveal a 3-dots icon in the top right corner of the tile. Clicking this will open a new menu…

… which contains the “Grab this image…” option. The “Analyze…” option replaces the previous behavior of double-clicking on a dashboard tile to open it in Tables & Graphs mode. Users reported that they found this double-clicking both unreliable and prone to accidental activation.

Whether in Tables & Graphs mode, Variable Summaries mode or a dashboard, once you’ve selected one of these Grab Image options, you’ll see a purple stripe at the top with the choice between downloading as an image file (PNG) or copying to your clipboard. The resultant image is the same in both cases and should match what you saw on screen.

Note: A difference for Firefox users - Firefox prevents content being pushed to the user’s clipboard so only the export as image option is available for Firefox.

Try it out today

This feature is currently in Early Access.

For full details of this new feature, see the help center.

Your Feedback Matters

As always, we’re eager to hear what you think about these enhancements. Please share your thoughts via support@crunch.io.