Crunch's updated Member panels make it easy to see who has access to a dataset or folder

Click the dataset or folder name and select Members in the dropdown.

Oct 1, 2019

We’ve made it much easier to view and change which of your users have access to your datasets and folders. If you are an editor on a dataset or folder, click the dataset or folder name in the header and select Members to open the permissions panel:

When viewing dataset members, this panel will show all users who have access to this dataset and what type of access they have, regardless of how that access was granted.

When viewing folder members, you will not only see everyone who has access to this folder, you will also see any users who have access to anything within this folder. Users who have access to some, but not all, folder contents (or who have non-uniform access) will show up as having Mixed access. You can change this to Viewer or Editor to grant that user uniform access to this folder and all its contents (including subfolders).

For more information about permissions, see [Managing Permissions on Folders and Datasets]