Create the interaction of two variables

Cross one variable by another to fill all categories in 3 clicks with the new Interaction variable builder.

Nov 25, 2019

To look in detail at your data, you sometimes need to create a variable that is the interaction of other categorical variables. You want to know not just how results differ between age groups or education level, but by age × education. The Crunch application lets you do this in just a few clicks by selecting the variables to interact — give the result a name (or accept the default of ‘x by y’) and you’re set.

To get started, click + New Variable at the bottom of the variable list, and select “Interaction.” Then select input variables, give it a name, and click Save. If you are a dataset editor, you can choose to share it with the whole dataset. The whole procedure is shown at reduced speed in the animation below.

Interactions can only be made with categorical variables. In future releases you will be able to edit and combine results at the time of creation; now, you may need to make such adjustments after the fact by combining categories.

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