A modern platform

for analytics

Crunch is a searchable analytics platform for all your datasets, designed to foster collaboration across a range of technical abilities. Business analysts and data scientists alike can prepare, explore, analyze and visualize data, and then deliver results to teammates and clients effortlessly.

All of your data in one place

Your datasets are stored in the cloud, instantly available from anywhere. Find answers from any of your datasets using a powerful search tool. And you never have to worry about losing old data—it’s always there. Our innovative data version-control system allows you to undo changes and view earlier revisions, so you never have to worry about accidentally trashing your data.

Complex analysis made easy

An intuitive, visual interface allows anyone to browse—and to dig deeper. Drag and drop to create tables and charts; slice and filter further with a few clicks. All of this happens at the speed of thought, thanks to our purpose-built columnar database. Get instant results for most any query without any advance setup.

Optimized for survey research

We’re survey experts. Crunch has special features to make survey analysis simple. We natively support data types like multiple response and “grid” questions. You can generate population weights and apply them automatically to all calculations. And you can code open-text data, including sentiment analysis, at the push of a button.

Collaborate better

Harness the power of a cloud platform to help people work together. Share your data with permission controls—no more emailing files. Use R and Python for scripting and modeling on the same data.

Publish your findings

The CrunchBox lets you make your results available to the public. Embed a CrunchBox of your data in a blog post, press release, or dashboard. Viewers can filter and analyze the data right in the public report or article.

Unlimited possibilities

Our APIs and client libraries make it easy to connect any data source and plug into your current workflow. Create custom integrations to import data from wherever. Perform complex modeling in R with no special code required. Plus, the ability to build custom visualizations in the web app are limitless. Our built-in support for R/Shiny apps allows you to design the perfect dashboard, and with our JavaScript SDK, you can create custom widgets and data portals.