Modern analytics


Visually explore, prepare,
and clean
Stream updates.


Point and click
for instant analytics.
Script to create
powerful models.


Engage your teammates
and clients
with live data.

Crunch is a searchable data analytics platform for all your datasets, designed to foster collaboration across a range of technical abilities. Business analysts and data scientists alike can prepare, explore, analyze and visualize data, and then deliver results to teammates and clients effortlessly.

Prepare your research data in minutes.

Create a research portal with all your data, multiple sources, formats, and data structures, from today, last month, and last year.

Import from common file formats.

Connect your database to our API.

Append existing datasets for tracking studies.

Create replayable workflows.

Stream data in as it is collected.

Visually manipulate and clean data


Script in R or Python.

Either way, you can harness Crunch’s innovative data version control system to preview edits before sharing them, and roll back changes if necessary.

Point-and-click for instant answers.

Search, explore, and analyze all your data.

Track current data, and compare it to historical data.

Drill down to create multi-dimensional cross-tabs across metrics and over time.

Don’t wait for IT or data scientists to get back to you with data or canned reports. Business analysts slice and dice complex research data as easily as BI tools slice and dice much simpler business data.

Dig Deeper!

You like to code; so do we. Leverage the power of R and Python to create powerful models and visualizations.

Gain better insights when everyone works on the same data, using their favorite analytic tools.