This function creates a new project. You can achieve the same results by assigning into the projects catalog, but this may be a more natural way to think of the action, particularly when you want to do something with the project entity after you create it.

newProject(name, members = NULL, catalog = projects(), ...)



character name for the project


Optional character vector of emails or user URLs to add as project members.


ProjectFolder in which to create the new project. There is only one project catalog currently, projects(), but this is left here so that all new* functions follow the same pattern.


Additional project attributes to set


A ProjectFolder object.

See also


if (FALSE) {
proj <- newProject("A project name")
# That is equivalent to doing:
p <- projects()
p[["A project name"]] <- list()
proj <- p[["A project name"]]

proj2 <- newProject("Another project", members = "")
# That is equivalent to doing:
p[["Another project"]] <- list(members = "")
proj <- p[["Another project"]]