This function creates a new dataset on the Crunch server with either a data.frame or similar object in your R session, a file, or a URL to a file. It captures available metadata from your R object and translates it into Crunch types.

newDataset(x, name = NULL, ...)



a data.frame or other rectangular R data object, or a string file name or URL to upload to create a dataset. The file may be a compressed Zip file containing a single file in CSV or SPSS format.


character name to give the new Crunch dataset. By default the function uses the name of the R object, or, if passing a file, the file name.


additional arguments passed to createDataset()


If successful, an object of class CrunchDataset.


If you have an SPSS file, it is better specify the file name directly rather than first reading it into R. Uploading SPSS files directly to Crunch will preserve metadata that is stripped by the R import, regardless of the library used to read it into R.

See also

newDatasetFromFile(); newDatasetByColumn() for an alternate upload method.


ds <- newDataset(mtcars, "cars")
ds <- newDataset("mysurvey.sav")
# }