Forking a dataset makes a copy of the data that is linked by Crunch's version control system to the original dataset. When you make edits to a fork, users of the original dataset do not see the changes.

forkDataset(dataset, name = defaultForkName(dataset), draft = FALSE, ...)



The CrunchDataset to fork


character name to give the fork. If omitted, one will be provided for you


logical: Should the dataset be a draft, visible only to those with edit permissions? Default is FALSE.


Additional dataset metadata to provide to the fork


The new fork, a CrunchDataset.


A common strategy for revising a dataset that has been shared with others is to fork it, make changes to the fork, and then merge those changes back into the original dataset. This workflow allows you to edit a dataset and review changes before publishing them, so that you don't accidentally send your clients incorrect data. For more on this workflow, see vignette("fork-and-merge", package = "crunch").

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