Given a single baseline column compare each other row or column against this baseline. Internally this function uses compareDims() iteratively.

compareColsPairwise(cube, ...)

compareRowsPairwise(cube, ...)

compareDimsPairwise(cube, dim = c("cols", "rows"), baseline)



a cube to calculate the comparison on


arguments passed from compareRowsPairwise() or compareColsPairwise() to compareDimsPairwise() (i.e. baseline)


which dimension is being compared (rows or cols, only valid for compareDims())


a character, the column to use as a baseline to compare against all other columns


an array of z-score for the all the columns or rows compared to baseline. The baseline column is all 0s


Warning since there is more than one comparison being made against each baseline the z-scores, and especially the p-values derived from these z-scores should be interpreted with caution. Using standard p-value cutoffs will result in anti-conservative interpretations because of the multiple comparisons problem. Adjustments to p-value cut offs (e.g. Bonferonni correction) should be used when interpreting z-scores from the compare[Rows|Cols|Dims]Pairwise() family of functions.