Crunch datasets are collected in folders called "projects". datasets() can be used to filter a project's contents to see only datasets (and not other projects). You can also use it to pull a catalog of datasets from search results.

datasets(x = getAPIRoot())

datasets(x) <- value



a ProjectFolder or SearchResults that may contain datasets


For assignment, a CrunchDataset to move


When x is a ProjectFolder, datasets() returns the folder with its "index" filtered to contain only datasets; otherwise, it returns an object of class DatasetCatalog. The assignment function returns the project x with the given dataset added to it.


The datasets()<- assignment function provides an alternative method for moving a dataset into a project. This may be more convenient in some cases than using mv().


if (FALSE) {
# Get the names of the datasets contained in a project
projects() %>%
    cd("Important Clients") %>%
    datasets() %>%
# The assignment method lets you move a dataset to a project
proj <- cd(projects(), "Important Clients")
ds <- loadDataset("New important client survey")
datasets(proj) <- ds