Multiple-response and categorical-array variables are higher order variables which are made up of sets of subvariables. These methods allow you to retrieve and change the subvariables of a multiple-response or categorical-array variable.


subvariables(x) <- value

# S4 method for ArrayVariable

# S4 method for CrunchVariable

# S4 method for VariableTuple

# S4 method for ArrayVariable,ANY
subvariables(x) <- value

# S4 method for ArrayVariable,Subvariables
subvariables(x) <- value



A Variable or Subvariables object


For the setters, the appropriate values to set


Subvariables can be accessed from array variables (including multiple response) with the subvariables method. They can be assigned back with the subvariables<- setter, but there are limitations to what is supported. Specifically, you can reorder subvariables, but you cannot add or remove subvariables by subvariables<- assignment. See deleteSubvariable to remove subvariables from an array.

Subvariables have a names attribute that can be accessed, showing the display names of the subvariables. These can be set with the names<- method.

Finally, subvariables can be accessed as regular (categorical) variables with the $ and [[ extract methods.

See the vignette on array variables for further details and examples.

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