How to

  1. Fork the repository and clone your fork locally :octocat:
  2. git remote add upstream
  3. Fetch and check out master from upstream: git fetch && git checkout upstream/master
  4. Check out a new branch to collect the commits that comprise your awesome new feature 🎉
  5. Do your work, commit, and push
  6. Click “pull request”
  7. Revise as needed from review comments — just push more commits on your branch 📑
  8. Celebrate when it gets merged! :squirrel:


  • Please observe and follow the style conventions of the package
  • Be sure to fully cover your code with tests–the coverage report will alert if you do not
  • It is recommended that you run make check before creating your pull request. Travis-CI will run check and will note if your code fails. Pull requests will only be accepted once the checks pass.
  • If you’re adding functionality and not just fixing a bug, be sure to update the documentation (the #' @roclets in the code) to note any changed behavior and any arguments added to functions.
  • If you’ve added a function that you want to be available to package users, be sure to include #' @export in the docs.
  • If you edit the documentation, be sure to run make doc before you commit–otherwise the man pages and NAMESPACE won’t be updated. (make check will run make doc as well)